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Data Recovery 101: Encryption Basics


Is there any kind of a data or information that is not shared over the internet today or not stored digitally? Whether it's the photos...

Data recovery

How to Recover the Lost Data?


We all have faced with data loss atleast once in our life, the reasons are may be different such as a hard drive failure, data...

The Importance of Computer Security to Avoid Cyber Crime


The process where you save your computer by detecting unauthorized use is known as computer security. These prevention measures help you to catch and stop...

Most anticipated PC release games for 2018


Pc games are very entertaining. Whether it’s a single player of multiple players one, a game reduces the monotony of a day’s work. It helps...

5 Reasons Why “Smart” Tech Does Not Belong in Cars


Smart cars are a “smart” idea. However, they are not so practical in a real-life situation. There are many problems with smart cars but the...

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