VacCAD 1.0TM - Vacuum Engineering and Simulation Software

for Windows Vista/7/8/10

"As a professor in Korea, I have lectured the “Vacuum Sci. & Eng.” as a regular
class since 1992. I would like strongly to recommend the VacCAD of Vecor
for simulator of vacuum system. I do have the VacCAD simulation Lab of my
“Vacuum Eng.”course. Our students simulate, evaluate the performance of
vacuum system based on design factors. And proposed the optimum design
schemes of a particular vacuum systems. I may say the VacCAD provide variety
of design factors as simulation modelling of vacuum system. VacCAD predicts a
close evaluations on performance of vacuum system compared to the experimental
I appreciate the contribution of Vecor to future vacuum engineers education."

Prof. Hyung-Taek Kim
Dept. of Advanced Materials Sci. & Eng.
Incheon National University
Incheon, KOREA

Welcome to VacCAD 1.0TM software! VacCAD 1.0TM is a powerful tool to calculate, simulate and analyze virtually any vacuum system, lab and industrial.

VacCAD 1.0TM software is also an excellent tool for high vacuum lab and manufacturing personnel training and for educational purposes. VacCAD 1.0TM is a simulation software. It has very friendly interface enabling you to productive work in a few minutes. VacCAD 1.0TM consistently guides you through all steps of vacuum system design by controlling and directing your actions. It warns you about made and possible errors. The results of calculations and analysis can be saved in data and image formats that allow using them with other applications, in reports, presentations, and publications.

VacCAD 1.0TM software includes the databases for vacuum chamber materials, vacuum pumps, and vacuum components (valves, gate valves, elbows, baffles, and nipples). The specifications for some mechanical, Roots, diffusion, turbomolecular, cryo, and ion pumps and vacuum components are already included in the VacCAD 1.0TM package. All the databases are open and the user can easily edit them by adding, changing, or removing components.

REFERENCE: Vladimir Chutko "Vacuum Systems Computer Analysis and Simulation", Vacuum Technology & Coating, March 2015, pp.38-44.

  • Virtually any vacuum system, lab and industrial, may be simulated and analyzed;
  • Unlimited user-editable databases of vacuum materials, roughing and high vacuum pumps, valves, gates, baffles, elbows, nipples;
  • A wide selection of vacuum units;
  • Three typical (sphere, cylinder, and box) and free form vacuum chambers of any overall dimensions to be analyzed;
  • Two separate pumping modes: Rough Pumping and High Vacuum Pumping;
  • Gas load via standard mass flow controller, small leak simulation, throttle gate valves with controlled conductance, vacuum chamber walls outgassing, and O-rings permeation calculation features are included;
  • Shows plots: selected pump pumping speed vs pressure; pressure in vacuum chamber vs time; roughing hose and valve conductance vs pressure; effective pumping speed vs pressure;
  • Save charts in *.bmp, *.jpg, and *.png formats, data in *.txt format. Export and import databases as *.txt files;
  • Molecular, ions, and electrons mean free path and gas flow regime calculators;
  • Complete user manual and online help and tutorial.

Кнопка VacCAD 1.0TM main window.
Кнопка Roughing pumps Pfeiffer DUO 20 MC and Leybold RUTA WAU251/D40B pumping speed plots.

Кнопка Rough pumping of SS spherical vacuum chamber Dia. 40", volume 549 liters and surface square 32 428 cm2 with pumping system RUTA WAU251/D40B (pumping speed 200 m3/hour) through the roughing hose Dia.63 mm x 800 mm and roughing valve Nor-CAL AIVP-2502 ISO 63

Кнопка High vacuum pumping of SS cylindrical vacuum chamber Dia.30" x 30" (volume 347 liters, surface square 22801 cm2) with cryo pump Coolvac 2.000 CL (pumping speed 2000 l/s) through the gate valve A&N Corp GV1000-LF-E-P ISO 250 with no gas load (blue plot) and with gas load 10 sccm (orange plot). Pressure 5x10-5 mbar is reached in 1000 s; with gas load 10 sccm the pressure is 8.9x10-5 mbar.

Кнопка Calculated seven neoprene O-rings Dia.100 mm x 3 mm nytrogen permeation is approx. 7.3x10-5 sccm.

Download DEMO version VacCAD 1.0

VacCAD 1.0TM DEMO is available at no cost. The demo version has all the same capabilities as the regular full version of VacCAD 1.0TM.

The VacCAD 1.0TM demo version is limited only by a number of vacuum system components that can be used in an analysis and simulation. The limitations are the following:

  • Only spherical vacuum chamber Dia.1000 mm may be used for the analysis and simulation;
  • VacCAD 1.0TM demo version databases are non-editable but include three vacuum materials, two rougbhing pumps, four roughing vaves, four high vacuum pumps, six gate valves, one baffle, three elbows, and two nipples. That is more than enough to see how software works.

All VacCAD 1.0TM features are available in VacCAD 1.0TM demo version. VECOR holds the copyright for the VacCAD 1.0TM demo version. VacCAD 1.0TM demo version may be copied but may not be altered or sold.

There is no time limit to use demo version.

You download the file (7.1 MB) containing three files:

  • setup.exe - VacCAD 1.0TM installation file;
  • ReadMe_RevA.pdf - important installation instructions;
  • vaccad_manual_RevA.pdf - VacCAD 1.0TM User's Guide.

Purchase online unique activation code to update your demo version to the full VacCAD 1.0TM version!

Download DEMO version VacCAD 1.0

Full VacCAD 1.0TM version is available for $425.00 (some discounts are applied!). You download VacCAD 1.0TM free demo version and buy online the activation code to unlock software demo version to the full version. Activation code will be e-mailed to a buyer immediately after payment1.

Download VacCAD1.0 demo version


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Downloaded archive file contains:

  • Installation file VacCAD 1.0TM;
  • VacCAD 1.0TM User's Guide;
  • Read Me file - important installation instructions.

Please carefully read Read Me file before software installation!

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