VECOR supplies vacuum equipment and components of brand name manufacturers - all kinds of vacuum pumps, vacuum chambers, vacuum valves, flanges, O-rings, etc., and vacuum coating equipment - coating machines, power supplies, controllers, and separate components and consumables. The nomenclature of vacuum and coating equipment and components is huge, so we do not show here the detailed lists and specifications. You can easily find these data at manufacturers websites and in their catalogs. Select what you need, contact us and we provide detailed specs and quote with warranty directly from manufacturer or his legal distributors.

We also supply vacuum pumps spare parts - O-rings, gaskets, bearings including high speed ceramic ones for turbomolecular pumps, and standard vacuum pumps spare parts kits.

If you need help to choose the best vacuum equipment or components for your specific goals or to design a vacuum system, ask us. VECOR develops and designs high vacuum systems for different applications. We provide you with detailed design and list of all necessary standard vacuum pumps and components.

An alternative to often very expensive brand new vacuum equipment is refurbished/rebuilt and surplus equipment. It is used equipment professionally rebuilt and tested with replacement of all components to be worn out, and long time not used equipment from stock after testing and replacement of all components with expired warranty or shelf life. Such professionally refurbished equipment usually is sold with warranty from 3 up to 12-18 month, completely meet catalog specs, but its price is lower than price of brand name equipment.

Refurbished and surplus equipment is a low budget best choice:

  • For prototype devices;
  • For lab experimental designs and for R&D;
  • As repair and replacement components for existing equipment;
  • For start-ups;
  • To replace broken obsolete components in old equipment.

We supply refurbished and surplus equipment only from manufacturers or from certified companies professionally involved in that business. We also can try to find non-expensive vacuum equipment and components at on-line auctions (eBay and similar ones). However usually such equipment is sold "as is" with no warranty and with no or very limited right of return.

Tell us your needs in vacuum and coating equipment and we provide you a best offer!

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