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How to Recover the Lost Data?

We all have faced with data loss atleast once in our life, the reasons are may be different such as a hard drive failure, data corruption or else you have deleted a file accidentally by yourself. That time, data recovery is the first thing you’ve probably wondered about. So, do you know everything about data recovery? Here we will help you to get knowledge about it’s effectiveness, work procedure and cost.

Basic idea : Data Loss and Recovery

Data loss can be form due to several reasons such as hacking, data corruption, software bugs, accidental deletion and even a simple power cut can also cause data loss. But all the data can be recovered now, even some data recovery specialist can recover data from  the storage media of a crashed plane, that has been almost destroyed.

Data recovery

The work procedure of data recovery:

There are several methods to recover a lost data but it depends on how the data has lost. Here are some of the procedures-

  • File deletion:

Do you know that the file which have deleted an important  file accidentally, can be recovered as it actually stays on your drive. So, if you have not started overwritten with another file, then you can find your lost data very easily. You can also get the data by using some recovery software like TestDisk, which generally uses complex algorithm and make guess where the file can be physically stored, if it can guesses the correct place, then you will get your data back.

  • Data corruption:

If your data has been lost due to the system corruption, then you can get back you lost data by connecting the hard drive with another computer. You may find that only the computer has been corrupted but all of your data are safe, so you just have to copy everything to another hard drive. In case, you are unable to recover your actual data, there are chances to finding a part of that file which can save your time to rewrite the whole portion of it.

  • Damaged file format:

In case of file system damage or you have lost your data by formatting the computer, the files can be recovered depending on the allocation information which are still available on the recovery software. All the data can be recovered if there is enough informations available.

It is very difficult to take a drive out without damaging it as the part can be only opened in a clean room which should be totaly environmental pollution free. A small dust particles can harm the system drive. So you should be very careful about your clothing that should be technicians wear and the room light as a static electricity can damage the drive.